Packaging and labelling: Avoiding blame-shifting after product launch


    Whenever multiple manufacturing companies collaborate on a new product, misunderstandings are more likely to occur. Working in one place, as one unit, can facilitate better coordination and lead to a more desirable product outcome.

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    How to differentiate your labelling and packaging from the crowd


    With smart labelling formats, inviting textures, and strategic design elements, you'll be able to demand customers' attention and trigger their curiosity – straight from the shelves of any African store.

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    5 elements to consider before designing your new labels


    Creating a new product label can be an intricate process. Not only should the label resonate with your brand identity, but also captivate consumers. However, there are several key factors you should be aware of to help you ensure a successful outcome.

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    How digitalization and IIoT is changing the printing industry


    The influence of IIoT is expanding and steadily making its way into the printing industry. However, conventional presses and ancillary machines in most commercial printing facilities are not fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards. To enable more efficient label printing methods, a full digital transformation where IIoT can be integrated with existing equipment is required.

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    How VIP can help your operations and compliance


    Incorporating VIP (Variable Information Printing) can boost your operations throughout the entire labelling process, regardless of company size. It can also help manufacturers comply with laws and regulations in Kenya and across Africa.

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    The future of barcodes is square: Are you ready to transition to QR codes?


    All one-dimensional (1D) barcodes will be phased out and replaced with two-dimensional (2D) barcodes by the end of 2027. Brand owners that haven’t already transitioned to QR codes for all labelling purposes should start the process as soon as possible.

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    3 factors to consider when designing labels for value brands


    Consumers are becoming more conscious of their spending habits, opting for brands that offer them the best value for their money. Hence, if you're planning to create a value brand, it's essential to consider how you design your product label. This can help you keep both product prices and production costs low.

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    A complete guide to choosing the right materials for VIP


    Variable information printing (VIP) can increase the efficiency and quality of your label printing. However, to achieve your intended results, you must be familiar with the correct mix of printing materials, ribbons, and printers for the labels you are producing.

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    Balancing material and energy consumption in sustainable manufacturing


    Extensive material and energy consumption are among the main factors leading to unsustainable manufacturing. They also greatly influence the cost of the finished product. Optimizing both areas can reduce expenses and contribute to a more environmentally friendly production process.

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    Eco-Friendly and Sustainability trends for packaging and labelling in 2024


    Environmental awareness remains one of the main trends among consumers. According to the EY Future Consumer Index, as many as 73% – across national and generational borders – believe that companies are responsible for participating in the fight against climate change. Many expect that suppliers and manufacturers try to be part of the solution – not the problem – and preferably prove it before ...

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