3 factors to consider when designing labels for value brands


    Consumers are becoming more conscious of their spending habits, opting for brands that offer them the best value for their money. Hence, if you're planning to create a value brand, it's essential to consider how you design your product label. This can help you keep both product prices and production costs low.

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    Balancing material and energy consumption in sustainable manufacturing


    Extensive material and energy consumption are among the main factors leading to unsustainable manufacturing. They also greatly influence the cost of the finished product. Optimizing both areas can reduce expenses and contribute to a more environmentally friendly production process.

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    Eco-Friendly and Sustainability trends for packaging and labelling in 2024


    Environmental awareness remains one of the main trends among consumers. According to the EY Future Consumer Index, as many as 73% – across national and generational borders – believe that companies are responsible for participating in the fight against climate change. Many expect that suppliers and manufacturers try to be part of the solution – not the problem – and preferably prove it before ...

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    Insights from 2023 to help elevate your labels in 2024


    One of our main priorities is to lift your labels to the next level. That is why we always strive to acquire and share new knowledge, resources, tools, and methods that will help your brand succeed. Here are some of our main takeaways from the past year – that will be just as important to keep in mind well into 2024.

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    Here’s what’s in store for the supply chain in 2024


    Outlooks for the supply chain at the beginning of 2024 are looking bright – in nearly all areas. Overall, prices for chemicals remain stable, and there are no indications of increased freight costs. However, the cost of paper and filmic products is expected to rise.

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    Great customer experience begins on the store shelf


    Before a customer buys your products, they have interactions and experiences with both your brand and product. The packaging and label design can decide whether that experience turns out to be good or bad.

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    How monomaterials in packaging increase recycling and circular economy


    A monomaterial is formed when the packaging is made of the same material as the label. So, remember – if the labelling material differs from the component, the packaging might not be recyclable. As a consequence, this threatens the circular economy.

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    3 ways to boost productivity with an automated labelling machine


    Optimizing efficiency levels isn’t always possible with a traditional labelling machine. You can save valuable time and streamline production processes by exchanging it for a modern, automated machine. Additionally, it can greatly improve your product’s visual appeal and minimize label material waste.

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    A guide for choosing cost-efficient and sustainable label materials


    Matching products with the correct labelling materials isn’t always a straightforward process and varies between industries. Especially when the relation between cost and sustainability needs to be considered.

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    How psychology and sensory marketing can boost your product sales


    Did you know that your packaging and label trigger the mental process needed to buy your product? Because they are the consumer's first encounter with your product, they directly influence the decision-making journey.

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